Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s Art Statements

I am Agnieszka Nienartowicz and I’m a 26 year old painter based in Poland. I paint oil on canvas realistic paintings depicting people, but the characteristic thing is that I incorporated into them portions of other works from the past eras: in the form of a background, an attribute or as a composite element with the character themselves (even in the form of a painting on the subject’s body).

By appropriating fragments of these works, I establish a kind of dialogue with their authors, transferring the inseparable thought behind those paintings to my own canvas. At the same time, placing them in a completely new context, I deprive them of their original meaning and transform them into an artifact. This ambiguity is what I love!
My main interest is humans and that what is around them. Attempting to penetrate their world, I try to catch the intimacy and self-mastery in simple situations, gestures, and glances. Intrigued by the moment of the boundary between the original and the reproduction. In realism, I find the way to explore perfectionism. Being in the process of learning myself through paintings all on my own, and contemplating in silence – detail after detail, going through the whole complexity each painting has to offer.
For 2 years I studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland, and then I went and did another 3 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland, from which I graduated. Before these studies, I finished the Art High School I mentioned before. In my opinion, an artist is not someone who has a ‘paper’ with a confirmation that they finished an art school. Rather it is someone, who wants to share something personal with the world. On the other hand, I think that studies help to understand more, look into yourself, clash with other pugnacious young souls and, as well as learn and develop your own technique. In my studies, I met several wonderful and masterful teachers who helped me to expand my horizons – and that is very precious.
I follow what I feel and I think it is the best way to go. My technique develops together with my age and my increasing perception, this way it develops naturally and it is impossible to skip any important steps. Also, I am very ambitious and I always try to do my best, often learning from achievements of my past and the ones of old masters.
Source: Bored Panda, Your Art Path, Facebook

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