20+ Mind Bending Photographs Which Will Make You Question Our Reality!

20+ Mind Bending Photographs Which Will Make You Question Our Reality!

Alexandra Chertulova is an upcoming photo manipulation artist who will wow you with her amazing photoshop skills!

Alexandra Chertulova is a 19-year-old Russian artist who is stunning the world with her mind bending photo manipulations using Photoshop. Using her self-portraits she gives them a dream-like twist that is truly awe-inspiring. She is one of the upcoming artists who has gathered quite a bit of following on Instagram. With over 32k followers vouching for her work, she seems to be rising steadily towards the heights that she wished to achieve.

1. There's another world inside you


Are you ready to accept it?

2. Talk much?


The zipper does all the creepy tricks.

3. Care for a slice?


Let's live for once!

4. The reality underneath the mask


We all are hiding something.

5. I'm empty inside


Beauty cannot solve all your problems.

6. The artificial atmosphere


What if this was real?

7. This is how people around you affect you


Believe in yourself and forget who you are.

8. Conjure the magic in you


All you need to do is believe in yourself.

9. A string of memories


It's all that remains.

10. The Down Jacket


It's a new addition to her family.

11. Would you like some ghost berries?


It's time for some Halloween action.

12. Show some Nature love


It's very rewarding!

13. What are you made up of?


Nothing interesting I suppose?

14. Watch it!


This is surreal!

15. Trapped!


The uncontrollable greed for wealth results in one's demise

16. The end of Half the world


This image is inspired by the death sequence in Avenger's: Infinity War.

17. Mr. Right has arrived!


It's 'go time'!

18. Let change things up a bit


How do you like it now?

19. A life of secrecy


No one ever talks about them.

20. I've got my eyes on you!


You should be scared!

21. LIfe comes after death


Rebirth is a beautiful process.

22. I'll blow your brains out!


Quite literally so!

23. Time waits for no one!


It has to end one day!

24. The Call of Cthulhu


We are not looking forward to this conversation.

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