Alluring Wildlife in Photorealistic Paintings by Self-Taught Artist

We might think that the image of a leopard is a photograph but it’s certainly not. The leopard is a piece of art by Franziska Treptow. Having a look at the tiny brush strokes and subtle shading techniques depicting creatures both large and small clearly shows that her skills are hard to compare. Her creations include drawings of wild cats, birds, and fish.


Franziska Treptow is a self-taught artist, who finds her inspiration from the nature’s splendor. For her, the nature works as a source which she often refers to in her realistic drawings and paintings.


The greatest demonstration of her artistic skill is an up-close view of that of such leopard. It can clearly be seen from the countless hairs that line its majestic face.


Treptow  seems to have what you call the innate attraction of animals and flowers. That was what initially triggered her to produce art. As she writes on her website, “The viewer sees my perspective of the flora and fauna. That’s because I see beauty in animals and flowers which show in every detail of my subjects. Often soft but sometimes bold, these varying visual styles represent the dualities present in our world.”

Source: My Modern Met, Franzisca Treptow, Instagram