Always Glamorously Vibrant Color

As an artist, Morgan Davidson has more than to create artwork merely with natural colors. She would use very strong color that in every piece of her work shows very powerful color and meticulous details.


Her skill clearly shows her intimacy with nature and fashion. She once said during an interview that nature had a very strong influence in her upbringing. She grew up very close to nature and has always had many pets. That can be seen from all of her work.


Actually her interests in fashion came a bit later in her life because she never had to do with high fashion brand name. But as she always admires and pays much attention to dynamic out-of-the box kind of fashion, she began to fall for it.


As you can see, each of Davidson’s drawings always cast vibrant and saturated colors that jump off the page. This gifted artist is able to make her designs rich and full of intricate details. She would add up or adjust her illustrations at any time to meet her keen perfectionist traits as this will make her work not only look realistic but also vibrant and dreamy.

Source: My Modern Met, InstagramMorgan Davidson



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