Illustrator Depicts What Her Love Life Looks Like, And The Pictures Will Warm Your heart!

Illustrator Depicts What Her Love Life Looks Like, And The Pictures Will Warm Your heart!

Illustrator Amanda Oleander is grateful for her relationship with her partner. And, her recent pictures are proof that true love can be messy but utterly cozy at all times!

Amanda Oleander is a contemporary illustrator who found her soulmate in 2015. She couldn't help but include this essential part of her life in her work and that worked out very well. Revealing the cute and sincere parts of her relationship she won the hearts of over 850k people who are now following her on Instagram. Amanda fearlessly chronicles every memorable event of her love life. We're sure that you'll fall in love with this couple when you take a look at her drawings. 

1. Everyday essentials


All you need is a comfortable blanket and him.

2. Netflix and chips


Nothing's wrong with being couch potatoes together.

3. Never too old for piggyback rides


It's so nostalgic!

4. Your kiss melts me


This is a fire that never burns out.

5.  Every time he leaves, it feels forever


It's so difficult to say goodbye to the person you love

6. You just can't get enough


The closer we are the better.

7. Breathe in happiness


Time for belly touches.

8. The unexpected hugs


They are always the best.

9. Drool alert!


You are the only thing I see.

10. The perfect date


Who needs a fancy restaurant when you have your couch?

11. Every day is Valentine's Day


The only place I feel peaceful is in your arms.

12. We don't need any excuse to take a nap


It's the best.

13. Breathing you in


It's not really that weird trust me!

14. I can be myself around you


No judgments!

15. Ready for breakfast?


Cooking with you is so much fun!

16. Nothing scares this guy!


Not even her green face masks!

17. Tears of joy


How happy does your human make you?

18. Little bursts of love


Aren't they the sweetest?

19. They finally found each other!


Finding your one true love is such a difficult task!

20. No one cares about bad breath when you're in love


A passionate kiss is all you wait for in the morning.

21. The magical force field that surrounds us


How peaceful is this?

22. Who cares about the extra weight?


Love is about gaining weight together.

23. The day he proposed


Everything they went through was worth this moment.

24. This is the real couple


How cute are they?

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