Amazing Antony Gormley’s LAND

Well-known for his figurative sculptures, Antony Gormley made his newest installations in five series around British Isles to mark the 50th anniversary of the Landmark Trust. The installations which are in the form of abstract human figures measuring life size are placed at some selected LandMark Trust site around coastal area.


The sculpture series is named LAND, intended to celebrate the fifty years of rescuing and restoring some of Britain most historical buildings.


Four of Gormley’s sculptures are standing along the coastline, while the last piece anchors on the south Stratfort canal in his the center of England. This fifth one looks in the depth of the manmade lock, in contrast to the wild coastal lines.


His sculptures are like standing stones linking places with their histories. Gormley says that LAND is supposed to make us think about our identity living surrounded by water and how this affects the way we make choices. That’s true that water isolates us but at the same time it also connects us to the rest of the world.


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