Amazing Graffiti Before Undercontruction

Street art is ephemeral. It’s not meant to be permanent and the artists know that. That’s what makes what they do so important. The whole thing has been thoroughly photographed, and there is a school in Paris gave the space for graffiti artist to spread out idea and paste it in to mesmerizing visual.

The other hand if the school is smart, they”ll sell it and use the proceeds for the school. They could also auction random sections of drywall.

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, CIUP, Cité U, is a private park and foundation located in Paris, France. Since 1925, it has provided general and public services, including the maintenance of several dozen residences for students and visiting academics in the Île-de-France region, and has been officially recognized as a foundation of public interest since then.
CIUP was established for the after World War I by André Honnorat, rector at the Sorbonne, in cooperation with Émile Deutsch de la Meurthe in order to create a meetingplace for students, researchers and intellectuals from around the world in a spirit of peace, unity and friendly cooperation. The CIP was originally built for the University of Paris, hence its name appears in several of its buildings, notably the Maison Internationale.

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