Amazing Jellyfish Sculptures

Nothing is more fascinating than looking at jellyfish in a glass.  It so realistic that people often wonder if they’re looking at a real jellyfish preserved in glass. But too bad, the ‘real’ jellyfish turns out to be just an incredibly lifelike sculpture. It is Rick Satava, a master glassblower from Chico, California, who creates incredibly lifelike jellyfish sculptures out of glass. His works are really work of wonder.


Here’s the way Satava portrays his models: “vertically arranged, vivid, whimsical jellyfish with ring like appendages and an adjusted chime encased in an external layer of adjusted clear glass that is bulbous at the top and decreasing toward the base to frame around a shot shape, with the jellyfish segment of the figure filling nearly the whole volume of the external, clear-glass cover.”


Glass-in-glass is a centuries-old art expression that comprises of a glass model inside a second glass layer, in many cases called a cover. The inward glass model is framed first and after that it is plunged into liquid glass, encasing it in a strong external glass cover.


Before it cools, the cover is flexible so the craftsman can control it into any shape he so craves.