Amazing Korean Miniature of Food Replicas

Maybe you need food replicas for your restaurant business? If you do, this Korean miniature of food replica is all you need to entice your client’s hunger for delicious meals. Kim Cloug’s piece is really something relating with food sculptures measuring 1:12 scale, meaning 1 inch equals to 12 inches.


Cloug really pays attention to details that’s why even if the sculpture is small but it may look real.


Clough’s reason to love making those food miniatures is because he thinks he can get a sense of being able to control a major part of the world in a small container and because through food he can explore using many different colors and textures for his art work.


Actually, he started sculpting from the less palatable side of food. Check out for his collections on “Decay in miniature series, where he sculpted food in their stages of decomposition.