Amazing Charcoal Portrait Drawings by English Artist

Dylan Andrews, an England-based art student, is only 21 years old but he can bring a new art form in charcoal drawings. As seen in his work, Andrews seems to have a respectable control over the emotion of his monochromatic portraits.


Instead of using typical technique in his drawings, he will focus on both light and shadow without specifically rely on obvious facial expressions. Normally, he would rather manipulate the contrasts of black and white tones to create dramatic theme in his drawings. So, when we have a good look at his piece, we will feel a thrilling atmosphere yet beneath the surface of his subjects can still exude passion and theatricality.


Each portrait reflects something that cannot be seen. That shadow is illustrated across Andrew’s muse face, adding a sense of mystery. The results yield a component of surrealism. This charcoal work will then make whoever is looking get lost in the fantastic aura given off by each portrait.

Source: My Modern Met, Instagram, Dylan Andrews



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