Amazing Russian Interactive Dog Illustrations

Valerie Susik, a Russian artist can make a fantastic mix of art work and the real world. As what she presented in her piece, she can make dog illustrations alive by marrying her watercolor paintings dogs with a photo snap shot. They are so expressive that the dog illustrations seem to really interact with the human and the object.



Since her artwork is about dog interactions with human, she uses materials like eye glasses, balloons, lollipops or maybe anything dog usually interested playing with. With clever positioning, the convincing illusions can then be created like what she did with the canines as though they were really grabbing a tennis ball, eating from chopsticks or having their hair blow dried.



Just check out her other creations at Manik and Ratan’s whimsical doodles. You may find them adorable in fun way.

Source: My Modern Met, Valerie Susik, Facebook


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