Amazing Scar-Covering Tattoos’ Stories

When you are burdened with something that you can’t take it, what most people would do is that they just drop and forget it. Somehow it will disappear, problem’s solved. But when it comes to a scar in your body especially if it is located in a spot easily seen by other people, it is surely irritating if you don’t do anything about it. One way to get rid of it is by covering it with a tattoo. Check out what people did to their scars they’d rather forget and covered them with tattoos.

Bored Panda compiled some tattoos with incredible stories behind them. You know that people have various reasons for having their skins inked. Some would want to hide their physical scars like dog bites or surgery scars and some others would want to cover their non-physical injuries they got from their abusive partners.

And surely one may need to cover any scar he/she has to forget anything bad inflicted by the scar. Maybe those tatts will make you think twice as you find out about the sad and heartbreaking stories behind them. So, the next time you see somebody with certain kind of tattoo maybe you can start wondering what story behind the tatt this time.

Source: Bored Panda, 22words, buzzfeed


My sophomore year of high school I fell during a trampoline routine at gymnastics practice and shattered my left arm. After eight months of surgeries… I was left with an arm that not only hurt constantly and didn’t work, but also didn’t look like my own. Surgeries to remove dead muscle and scar tissue had distorted my forearm, and the scars scattered across my arm and hand felt unsightly and ugly. This tattoo, my first, was a present to myself when I turned 18 as a way to reclaim my body after it had been irreparably damaged, and to turn my scars into something beautiful. I didn’t want to cover up the surgical scars because they were, and are, such an important part of who I am now, but I wanted to transform them into something I was proud of. The bird is an eastern bluebird.


My grandpa sexually abused me since I was a small child. For a long time, I felt like my body didn’t belong to me. I could feel his eyes burned into my skin, or the ghost of his hands brushing against my thighs. As retaliation, I began self-harming. I carved up my ribs, my breasts, my thighs. They were all the things he loved too much, and I wanted to destroy them. The worst of the scars were on my ribs. After recovery, my mom bought me scar cream and they faded. Even still, I felt a disconnect from my body. I started letting boys toss me around and abuse me. I saw myself as nothing but a sex object. Earlier this year, I relapsed. I was so angry and embarrassed at how weak I still was… So after some thought and saving, I went into a tattoo parlor and got a blooming peony on my sternum and ribs. I wanted to plant something beautiful where something ugly used to be. It’s still not finished, and needs coloring when I can afford it, but for now, it’s a great comfort to see in the mirror. I’m taking my body back, one flower at a time.


Instead of hiding my scar, I decided to show it off. Last July I had scoliosis spinal reconstruction surgery, placing two titanium rods on either sides of my spine and fusing two-thirds of my spinal vertebrae into one large bone. This left me with a noticeable two-and-a-half-foot scar down the center of my back. I got the word ‘strength’ tattooed next to my scar. The ‘S’ is a tracing of my actual spine from an X-ray before my surgery. It took a lot of strength to recover from such a hard surgery and I want a constant reminder of that.


These forearm scars are (pretty obviously) from self-harm and they’re from almost 14 years ago. Been wanting to cover it with a tattoo for half my life, but I guess just recently developed the metaphorical balls to finally do it. So happy!