Amazingly Realistic 3D Illustrations that Look Like Paper Art

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Amazingly Realistic 3D Illustrations that Look Like Paper Art

Eiko Ojala is an Estonia-based illustrator as well as a graphic designer who already produced his piece for some publication companies including New York Observer, Ebony Magazine, New York Times, and Scientific America. He develops the art of paper cutting to create his clever digital drawings.

Actually at first glance, his piece’s compositions look like layers of colorful paper neatly arranged together. But when you look closely, He hand draws everything and then uses his digital application to compose the final illustrations.

Ojala depends very much on the forms of shapes and also light and shadow to create his digital work. His perfectly strong skills in using digital apparatus result in amazing work that many viewers will want to reach out and touch.

The illusion of texture within each piece blended along with bold colors allows him to make each whimsical little story with a minimalist style. Then, a collection of editorial illustrations is created from his playful narratives.

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