This Woman's Take On Her Daily Struggles Is A Different Kind Of Me Too!

This Woman's Take On Her Daily Struggles Is A Different Kind Of Me Too!

Russian illustrator Anastasia Ivanova has a unique perspective of the world and her problems. And, her comics mirror the very fact. Major chuckles incoming!

Anastasia Ivanova is a Russian illustrator who has a distinctive vision for the world around her. Most of the time, she sees everything around her through a comical perspective. Each experience that she sketches is completely different from what most of us perceive it as. She presents moments that you just cannot help but smile at. Out of several hilarious illustrations, here are some of her best comics that hit the right spot every time.

1. Insta-museums


What if every museum visit was this way?

2. Do not cross this line


And now she's interfering with a crime scene.

3. Daily struggles


This is the toughest moment that we have to face in our lives.

4. Pour your heart into your songs


Let's go back to that shell of shame.

 5. Anytime now!


Waiting for texts can get really annoying.

6. The choice is not ours to make


Why don't we have a say in this?

7. Best friends for life


This looks far from perfect.

8. Let those sausages do the work


Don't fall for everything you see online.

9. Earphones also mean confusion


They make magic tricks seem normal.

10. Santa Day


He looks quite experienced.

11. Feeling festive, yet?


Time to take your weapons out.

12. She managed to overpower the cheese


Strength is all she's about.

13. The joy of giving


Well, this doesn't seem to be helpful.

14. Shopping spree


Do you enjoy these shopping trips?

15. Morning battles are like...


Well, the pillow is out to get us!

16. Autumn is here


She's all set to welcome it.

17. The alarm that actually works


At least the cat's helpful.

18. She went a little too far


Yikes! That is something.

19. Brain food


Keep the engine running.

20. Do not try this at home


There goes the big bang.

21. Always bring something different to the plate


The cat knows his flavors.

22. This always works!


Show me some marshmallow love.

23. Coffee addictions


Can you help it?

24. Wasn't the brightest idea, huh?


The tan looks awful!

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