Andrey Poletaev – Ballpoint Pen Art Master

Have you ever wondered that a basic ballpoint pen in the hands of an extraordinarily talented artist can create nothing short of a miracle?

Under The Umbrella – 2013, 66.5 x 44.5 cm01-under-the-umbrella-andrey-poletaev

Andrey Poletaev is one of the world`s leaders in ballpoint pen art. What started as a childhood hobby over the years transformed into professional career featuring unprecedented skills, dedication and an incredible investment of time.

Poletaev creates some of the most technically complex works of art utilizing the tools everyone has at their disposal. His drawings are nothing more than an attempt to seize the moment, to preserve on a paper the everlasting beauty surrounding us. Pause and look around!

You can find more work on the artist`s website Poletaev Art and Instagram.
Credit to Andrey Poletaev.

Snowy New York – 2016, 72 x 54 cm02-snowy-new-york-andrey-poletaev

Hidden Charms of Baden – 2016, 72 x 54 cm03-hidden-charms-of-baden-andrey-poletaev

Parisian Street – 2015 – 72.3 x 54.5 cm04-parisian-street-andrey-poletaev

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