Andrius Seselskas – Member of the Lithuanian Artist’s Union

The artist was born and grew up in Kretinga town, in his hometown graduated the School of Arts, later studied and graduated Šiauliai University, where he acquired a specialty of art and design, and currently living in Kelme with his family. He is an active member of society, organizes holidays, and is the author of various initiatives. The first artist’s exhibition was dedicated to Kelme.

Andrius Seselskas

The paintings called “Kelmes miesto padavimai” (The legends of Kelme town) created by Andrius Seselskas fascinated and inspired numerous inhabitants of Kelme, who started to be more interested in their town history. Later, the artist illustrated the book “Vilniaus miesto padavimai” (The legends of Vilnius City) and was awarded for artistically valuable illustrations at the competition of the best book of the year for children by Lithuanian Division of International Children and Youth Literature Association. The book depicts a literary and visual stroll in the city – a magical and mysterious capital.
By the way, after the studies, the painter paused painting, but recently he uses the pencil as a conductor the wand: he draws accurate every single format of intricate images. It is interesting that in all paintings painted only by pencils, you will not find any marks of erasure. “The reassure should smash the paper and the erasure is necessary when there is a lack of purified drawing history”, – says A. Seselskas.
The artist has got many stories, and also a lot of symbols and thoughts for them. Looking at the paintings, you can see the unexpected visions combining historical, religious and metaphysical motifs.
“I like the world of symbols, myths, legends. They are the source of inspiration. As well I like poetry and sometimes I see another one painting instead of the poem line; and I start drawing it”, – admits the creator of surreal paintings.
How long does it take to create a single large-format work? How many pencils does the artist use? “For larger works I need 5-20 pencils and I need about two weeks to create a single large-format work. But it happens if everything goes smoothly, because I never work forcedly. I like painting. It is the best occupation, related thoughts, creativity”, – replies the artist and invites to the magic, faraway and imaginative sparkling world of paintings.
Source: Kelmes Kulturos Centras

Holy Ona Church
The Wall Vilnius
The Choosen Tree

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