Animal Hybrids in Photoshop

Animal or other creatures can be mashed up nicely and for sure makes fascinating animal hybrid that many will find it not only exotic but also enchanting. That’s true that hybrid creatures that look so strange have always fascinated some society. Say, from the Egyptian griffon to the Persian Manticore, they seem to always make this blend of human and animal become the highest art.

Now that we nowadays are familiar with the advent of Photoshop, some mythical creatures are easier made than ever to create and share with your friends.

Bored Panda had previously collected a mega-list, of hybrid creatures. And now, reddit has a larger community over at /r/HybridAnimals. Not to mention are now several online communities seem to be very much dedicated to hybrid-creature creation:

some members of that community, too have been written in Bored Panda edition. So, you are now invited to submit to the list as well if you happen to collect some of them.

Source: Bored Panda, /r/HybridAnimals