Another Amazing Impersonator

What you see may deceive you. You certainly will do a double take looking at the authenticity of the beautiful Disney Princess. She’s not what you think she is. It is due to the super creativity of makeup artist named Richard Schaefer. He is able to transform himself into Disney princesses so authentically.


Schaefer is only 22 years old. To cosplay as Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, and some other, Schaefer will use his own costumes. For now he has remarkable collections of 40 costumes and 30 wigs. To make him to gain the real look of those characters, he also equips himself with the characters’ long stares and doe-eyed expressions to mimic not only their looks but also their personas as well.


Normally Schaefer will spend 2 hours preparing himself to turn into head-turning-ladies. But for him the time spent for the preparation is really worth the effort especially when he succeed making people shocked upon knowing that she is a he.


Once he said the The Daily mail, “I think it’s a real compliment when people think that I’m a female cosplayer, because it means that my transformations must be convincing.”