Another Beautiful Hongdam’s Tattoo

Even if tattooing remains illegal in Korea, still more and more Korean younger generation fall for this kind of body art even if they are against the law. And there is this special tatts parlor called Hongdam which gains more interests and more clients. Check out its fabulous tattoo designs.

What make this Hongdam’s tattoos differ from others is that its use of watercolor patterns. Hongdam’s design includes natural components varying from trees, flowers, animals to heavenly beings.

And instead of creating the usual tattoos with usual size, this South Korean tattooist presents an alternative to the commonly big and dazzling tattoo designs. His style is quite light and elegant but as it appears minimalistic, each piece is made of a huge amount of detail.

That’s true that the younger generations in Korea are quite open to tattoo culture. It can be traced from the Korean tattoo artist’s Instagram followers that now are rising and can reach up to 160,000 Koreans.

Source: Bored Panda, Hongdam