Another Interesting Miniature Watercolor Painting

Hi, everyone. My name is Luigi. I’m 24 years old. My art work is miniature painting which is my only favorite activity since I can find everything I wanted when doing it.


I got my inspirations from Lorrain Loots miniatures which I found it very amazing.


Actually I just started this miniature painting only a year ago when I watch Agnes Cecile doing her watercolor painting. I couldn’t believe those amazing paintings really exist. Those got me thinking whether I will be able to do something like that or not. And that makes me want to improve and challenge myself into those magical paintings.


Now that my skill is growing, I find that doing watercolor painting is not as challenging as I thought it was. I love to create things with great details. The good thing about watercolor painting is that I don’t need to worry much about making mistakes. And  the other thing that I like is that it won’t take long to finish my piece, normally it can go from one to four hours so that I still have time for my other hobby of photography.