Another Story of Kaleidoscopic Street Artist

Douglas Hoekzema is a street artist living in Miami. He is also known as Hoxxoh, also known as mural artist who can create extraordinary kaleidoscopic murals.


Hoxxoh can turn an ordinary wall into hypnotizing portal by layering different color on continuous rings. When you stare at his artwork for long enough, you will feel that you are surprisingly sucked into it.

kaleidoscopic-street-art-douglas-hoekzem-5 (1)

Hoxxoh has been drawing the portal for many times. Perhaps, he is the only artist with these particular portal paintings. In fact he wants to show people that there are various ways of viewing time. He believes that it will be much better if we don’t try to control time but rather let the predetermined course take control. Hoxxoh’s art is about what’s going to happen if we just forget the idea of our control of time. Sure, it is absolutely wonderful.

Source: Bored Panda, Hoxxoh, Instagram


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