Architectural Sculptures Imitate the Lines of Pencil Sketches

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Architectural Sculptures Imitate the Lines of Pencil Sketches

David Moreno is a Barcelona-based artist who blends sketching with sculpture to create inventive installations. He often plays with space and experiment with dimensionality. Check out those inspirational pencil-sketch-like sculptures.

To many it seems that he is “trying to draw sculptures”. That way he has an approach that is particularly clear in his sketch-like, architecture-inspired series of avant-garde works as he describes his artistic process.

Actually he would first conceptualize each piece as a line drawing composed of quick strokes and seemingly out-of-control contours. Moreno then uses the raw drawing to recreate a three-dimensional interpretation of the pattern.

Actually paint, steel rods, and piano wire (strong steel cables used as piano strings) are used to compose each piece. Then, he is using a cross-hatch technique to shape each structure which suggests shading and a sense of depth through a range of tones.

He often conveys simplistically as squares topped with sloping roofs— as comprised in his signature subject matter. He has various compositions in his architectural interpretations; some are studies of single houses, while others resemble towns or villages.

In Moreno’s sculptural oeuvre, homes abstract portraits and reimagined chairs often become his must-do project. Since the works are either hung on the wall or placed on delicate stilts, Moreno calls them “floating sculptures”. Such title is meant to emphasize their fragile nature. This goes to show that he conveys the Moreno’s imaginative approach to his work.

Check out for yourself more of Moreno’s special drawings coming to life on Instagram.

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