Architectural Sculptures Imitate the Lines of Pencil Sketches

David Moreno is a Barcelona-based artist who blends sketching with sculpture to create inventive installations. He often plays with space and experiment with dimensionality. Check out those inspirational pencil-sketch-like sculptures.


To many it seems that he is “trying to draw sculptures”. That way he has an approach that is particularly clear in his sketch-like, architecture-inspired series of avant-garde works as he describes his artistic process.


Actually he would first conceptualize each piece as a line drawing composed of quick strokes and seemingly out-of-control contours. Moreno then uses the raw drawing to recreate a three-dimensional interpretation of the pattern.


Actually paint, steel rods, and piano wire (strong steel cables used as piano strings) are used to compose each piece. Then, he is using a cross-hatch technique to shape each structure which suggests shading and a sense of depth through a range of tones.