If You Are Facing A 'Dry Spell' Then These Tweets Would Reveal Your Exact Fee

If You Are Facing A 'Dry Spell' Then These Tweets Would Reveal Your Exact Fee

You are not alone dear. There are people whose dogs are getting better dates than you are. Being single is not that bad. It makes you laugh at yourself, without any guilt.

Dating world indeed offers a hell lot of experience for those who are looking out for love, or someone to share their romantic fantasies or emotions. However, being single has its own perk, including some cheezy pickup lines, awkward silences, and embarrassing moments. Here are some hilarious yet cringe-worthy tweets of people who had their own rollercoaster ride as single humans. 

1. Lesson learned: Don't eat spaghetti when making eye contact with a cute individual. 


2. Sometimes, if you want to have a date, you need to look beyond. Really.


3. Must have felt safer there. 


4. Too much information out in public is not good.



5. You just can't pull that off, can you?


6. Just when you thought you were doing it the right way.


7. Why are all yummy men taken? 


8. But, it just did. 


9. The only moment when you hoped the cute guy could understand your lame humor. 


10. Because "I have got 99 problems and I wish you were my solution" 


11. Single life ain't that bad. You get to wave hands like your true self!


12. Sometimes things fall into the right places.


13. "What's the point of dating anyone who cannot like my thumb?", is that one question you want to ask every time you look in the mirror. 


14. All those times when you hoped Tinder was useless.


15. You can have your own 'Her' moment with Netflix, right? Love is love.



16. Maybe you should try dating underwater?


17. Rihanna has a good face too. 



18. Life is a climb, who knew there is something sweeter waiting for you in your comforter?


19. When you experience, 'Final Destination' yourself. 


20. Mind changing that sad profile picture?


21. When peeing takes more effort than keeping your husband happy.


22. Needs changing too.


23. When your role model could be your pet. 


24. Dry spell ain't going to put a baby in your tummy, you know.


25. Mothers know where to hit you hard.


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