Art Festival

Through rice fields, empty houses, forests, and pass through 200 villages in Niigata, Japan, we can see the work of 160 international artists stretched around.

Kyota Takahash, Gift for Frozen Village – Osamu Nakamuraart-festival-01

The festival, which brings Humans are Part of Nature as the concept, is not only teaching you about art, but also about traditions and nature. Enjoy.

Source : LifeBuzz, This is Colossal.

Chiyoko Todaka and Yamanaka Zutsumi, Spiral Works – Hisao Ogoseart-festival-02

Takahito Kimura, Sun and Footprints – Osamu Nakamuraart-festival-03

Katsuhiko Hibino, The Day After Tomorrow Newspaper Cultural Department – T. Kobayashiart-festival-04

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