“Art is the Leadership ! said Jonathan Meese

He is painter, sculptor, performance artist and today he common describe his idea use installation art. ” In art everything is possible and allowed. Art is the leadership. Art is Nr.1. Art is chief, art is total power, art is always future. Art has nothing to do with individualism, art is always the law of metabolism. Art plays with itself and uses us as toys and decoration. Art makes its own mixture and shows the human being its place: we all have to play, play, play without rituals, without religion, without human ideology, all toys of art are masks. Art has no religion, but every religion is art. Art hands over the total laws: all myths, all cults, all occultism and all esoteric ideas have to neutralize themselves, all nostalgic ideologies have to disappear”(www.dromemagazine.com)





“The current generation unfortunately serves not art but democracy, themselves (their ego), religions or human power systems in general. The current generation thinks that human self-fulfilment is the only reason for making art. The artists nowadays mistake themselves with art. Jonathan Meese’s installations show us the total power of art and guarantee that art is stronger than religion, politics and cynicism. No human being can force art to arise. Art cannot be taught or learnt, art needs no freedom of the artist, art is its own freedom. Art plays its own total game, like Nero-ism or Caligula-ism” said Jonathan