Art Works and Visitors in Line of Momentum

There is no coincidence in this world, everything moving in theirs momentum and showed us there is an order, movement and position for every object. When Stefan Draschan goes to a museum, he’s looking at more than just the art.

The photographer is also people watching for museum visitors whose outfits happen to coordinate with the paintings on the wall. In his ongoing project called People Matching Artworks, he captures the unexpected moments when someone’s hair, jacket, or dress could be an extension of a timeless creation.
‘People Matching Artworks’ is the epitome of patience. Though some of these pictures look staged, they are rather the result of Draschan staking a spot in a museum and waiting for the right person to stroll by. It’s a secretive take on museum doppelgängers—a lighthearted activity in which people are actively posing with an artwork that resembles them. Draschan’s project, in contrast, depicts the quiet beauty of looking, and it emphasizes how the act of getting dressed is an opportunity to be your own work of art. (mymodernmet)
Draschan talk about honest and sincere for making art works, and he describe with taking us in spiritual, humour, and philosophy.

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