Free Beautiful Henna Crowns for Cancer Patients

If you or any of your relatives feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your new head when undergoing a hair loss after a chemotherapy, don’t just lose hope. You can still have a nice looking appearance with your new head. Go visit henna body art studio where you can have a brand new unique look of your head. Hopefully you can still gain confidence to appear in public after a hair loss due to chemotherapy.

And it is this Sarah Walters, the founder of that Seattle-based henna body art company studios that occasionally help people wanting to celebrate their special occasions. Starting from wedding to embellished baby bumps. She named her company Sarahenna which mostly helps clients mark their major milestones by applying their artistic practice.

What makes Sarahenna different from the other body art studios, however, is their dedication to help others. You could come visit the studio if you happen to need her special service for free.

The important thing about using the henna products are that because Walters’ crowns are made of plant-based paste and that’s why they are quite safe for your head application. Besides they really feature intricate and delicate designs.