The Haunting And Surreal Art Which Has Taken The World By Storm

The Haunting And Surreal Art Which Has Taken The World By Storm

Alexandra Chertulova is an extraordinarily talented Russian photographer who creates amazing surreal and conceptual portraits that thousands of people have fallen in love with.

Alexandra Chertulova is a 19-year-old craftsman from Perm, Russia. She takes photographs of herself, processes them in Photoshop, and after that builds astonishing and dreamlike artworks. Her self-representations are loaded with amazement and otherworldly subtleties. Furthermore, Alexandra says that through her work she investigates her identity, her feelings, and her fantasies. One of the best things about Chertulova’s work is that it’s constantly evolving and growing. As such a young photographer, she’s still trying out different styles and inspirations. Furthermore, she experiments with different methods for creating her photos as well. Some are simply manipulated in Photoshop while others are created by combining multiple photographs. So, let's take a look at the best works of this 19-year-old extraordinary photographer: 

1. A little piece of heaven 


2. "Are you special if they're all watching?" 


3. Alice in chains 


4. Finding order in chaos 


5. Lost in transition 


6. "We've become the burden that we once carried" 


7. One for all, all for one 


8. In the eye of the storm 


9. Finding beauty in dissonance 


10. From ashes to dust 


11. "You are the universe" 


12. "What's a Wonderwall anyway?" 


13. The Winter fairy tale 


14. Some secrets are best left unsaid 


15. Under the sands of time 


16. The tea of life 


17. Life's a game 


18. Eden's garden 


19. Money over people 


20. "We're all the same" 


21. Create your own reality 


22. The money trap 


23. Growing some guts 


24. Sunnyside up


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