Artist Creates Steampunk Costumes From Old Original Parts

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Artist Creates Steampunk Costumes From Old Original Parts

Alexander Schlesier roams a flea market for used and old goods but contains original ingredients. The assembly uses very little glue - all nuts and bolts. And even the old and used ones, blends perfectly with the clothes.

Before working with a steampunk steel coat, Schlesier studied industrial design at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. He is also proficient in CAD design, and understands that his objects are functional and impractical.

Maybe for some people just stick a few teeth on it and call it steampunk. But it is different with Alexander Schlesier because he is a true artist who works with genuine antiques. His work on steampunk clothes and armor is very beautiful. All the gizmos, tubes, shutters, and whatsits mingled convincingly to be crazy, in time this was high technology (for the 19th century). And if it looks a little suspicious on closer inspection, the overall impression is that it is suitable for a male explorer who is ready to fight dinosaurs, Prussian hands, or a big duel.

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