Everyday Objects Turned into Charming Characters

Gilbert Legrand is originally from France. He adds some whimsicality into common stuffs by turning them into much charming creations. He has finally found people and animals concealed in things like water spigots, tape measures, and even ping-pong paddles for the past 10 years. Legrand could reveal them in his paintings.


And with his creativity he would use the contours and details of an object to make an awesome portrait. For instance, he would transform bristles of a brush into someone’s hair, while a mouse’s tail is created from the hook of a hanger.


Legrand’s sculptures can motivate us to look further than what we normally see. Whether you like it or not inspirations can be found everywhere like something as simple as a door hinge can give us inspiration.


With his pieces reaching countless amounts, he for sure has done a wonderful job by creating those charming characters that maybe you need to study what’s beneath the masks. It’s incredible to find out what he can do with just simple paint.