Artist Turns Kid’s Drawings Into Toys

A Vancouver-based artist Wendy Tsao is responding the dreams of every child of bringing their drawings into a 3D objects, which can be touched and talked to.



She turns children’s drawings into real-life plush toys. This initiative was actually to bring his 4 year old son’s drawing into a 3D object in 2007. Based in her son’s excited respond, she then started this as a business, and bring many kids’ drawing into real 3D objects. Tsao has created over 400 plushies ever since, and has more requests than she can handle. Because she aware that this business, which she named as Child’s Own Studio, instead just a business, it’s really a craft. She admits that she can produce an art form on some days, and this is the level she want to be at all time, making good art.

Source : Borepanda, Childsown.





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