Artists’ Illustrations as Reaction to Refugee Ban

The backlash was swift as there was an executive order banning refugees from around the world signed by president Trump.
Actually, the US is a country which is built by immigrants. And now that Trump became the president, the country just turns its back to those seeking refuge from oppression. So, there were spontaneous demonstrations erupted at airports throughout the country as people stood up for values that America was founded on.

Even if many channeled their sadness, frustration, and anger into chants and protest signs, those who vent their feelings through artwork about such refugee ban becomes particularly interesting.
Some creative artists have dealt with such a state of affairs through their arts in response to that refugee ban. It clearly shows that the motif of artists’ expressions is that of compassion.
One of most iconic and poignant illustrations of this issue is by Jamie Hu. Her digital piece features a heartfelt embrace between Lady Liberty and a young woman in a hijab.