Artists Pay Powerful Tribute To Notre-Dame Following The Fire Incident

Artists Pay Powerful Tribute To Notre-Dame Following The Fire Incident

Their art is going to melt your heart, especially after whatever happened on April 15, 2019. People hope and believe that things are going to get better eventually.

April 15, 2019, marks the darkest time in the history of France, as the world-famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was ruined by a fire. The whole world mourned after seeing the 854-years-old monument that was built in the Middle Ages engulfed by fire. Notre-Dame is one of the famous tourist spots in Paris with a rich religious history and exquisite Gothic architecture. The fire raged its way across the building's oak and lead roof destroying everything that came in its path. The fire did damage a big part of the cathedral including the iconic spire. 

The ghastly fire left everyone shocked and saddened. Many artists paid their tribute and have created poignant work following the fire. They have put their emotions and heart out in their piece of art, and their intense work is enough to break everyone's heart. 

1. There is a reason why people are attached to the renowned cathedral. Notre-Dame Cathedral's construction started in 1163 and was finished by 1345. 


2. During its making, four different architects worked on its design, which gradually came out as a rounded Romanesque church to the Gothic gem the world sees today.  

 Fortunately, many of the cathedral’s most prized features have escaped the recent fire relatively unscathed, including its collections of perched gargoyles and grotesques, dazzling rose windows, and priceless relics.


3. Even though the fire managed to escape some of the exclusive and precious features of the cathedral. However, the fire did spoil a prominent part of the Notre-Dame.



4. The cathedral is the epicenter of Paris and it is the site of Paris' point zero, where there is a specific spot from which people can see farthest distances in France.


5. More than anything it signifies everything that Paris today stands for. 


6. Notre-Dame has witnessed some of the iconic events in the history of France, that includes, surviving iconoclastic riots, the French Revolution, and even two World Wars.


7. The fact that Notre-Dame has seen so much that it signifies Paris' resilience as for 500 years, Paris' official motto has been Fluctuat nec mergitur, a Latin phrase that means “she is rocked by the waves but does not sink.”


8. These artists very well described the emotion of every citizen who was heartbroken to see their pride being burned down right in front of their eyes. 


9. It is believed that the fire took place because of some technical glitch. Even though no one got injured, this incident did wound people all around the world. 


10. Everyone just hoped that they could have done something to save the beauty of Paris. 


11. They wished they could have stopped Notre-Dame from going through such painful damages, that will take a long time to cure. 


12. For locals, it was more than heartbreaking, as they came on the road together to spread peace and harmony with a hope that Notre-Dame stands still exhibiting resilience and calm.


13. But, everyone believes and hopes that things will be back to normal soon, and the world will again see Notre-Dame standing fine and spreading harmony. 


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