Astonishing Photo Drawings by French Artist

Bertrand Flachot’s piece of work is quite rare in art history. In his creation of charmingly complicated landscapes, he mixes his drawings with photography. He began with colorful photos of cities, mountains and rolling hills and then he drew some lines or objects that originally are not in the photos with the fluid marks of a pen.


With these addition, this Paris-based artist wanted to share the same feeling but different perspectives. At times Flachot’s drawings denotes courses we have traveled. That can clearly be seen in his work of the cityscapes, with those jagged lines, criss-crossing things to create maps on which cars and pedestrians used to mobile.


Actually, wallowing is never coined in Flachot’s personal dictionary. After what happened to him in February 1990, when his entire artistic collections were destroyed by fire and all that left was only memories, he seemed to gain more energy to be more productive as to create better piece because he ‘d rather use his art to reflect on the situation. For him, the lines are images of memories which never stop to reconstruct a place’s past and present.

Source: My Modern Met, Bertrand Flachot, facebook



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