Astounding Kinetic Sculpture above Pershing Square

There is an extraordinary view of remarkable piece of work hung up above Pershing Square in Los Angeles. Actually it is this “Liquid Shard”, a Kinetic Sculpture created by Patrick Shearn.


This Poetic Kinetics is made of silver streamers measuring 15,000 square feet inviting anyone there to admire this mesmerizing artwork as it moves elegantly right above the Square.


It is made of two layers making it look like separate waves as the wind blows from four meters above ground to a height of 35 metres.


Shearn worked on the piece with 12 students who were attending a design workshop in Los Angeles.


As the strips make waves by the wind blow and the colours shimmer and appear to change as they move, locals say the piece resembles as everything from the dragons in Game of Thrones to a school of fish to a silver cloud.

Source: Bored Panda, Patrick Shearn, Real Estate au, Instagram



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