Astounding Memory Sketches

Pat Perry, a Michigan-based artist has come up with something extraordinary as to portray your memory so that people can see what they might look like in pictures. Perry’s innate ability will guide him to sketch physical objects and landscapes inside our mind.


Perry would draw fluid metaphors spinning around the subject’s body to show connection shared between memory and identity on yellowed sheet of paper. With this he can make every object to life with perfect shading and contrast, at the same time both urban and natural scape will create a unique story to his fantastic designs and characters.


A common feeling of home is typically appeared in Perry’s strange manifestations. Every piece has a particular identity, uncovering that our recollections are a key some portion of who we are right now and who we will get to be later on.


The unimaginable points of interest conquer any hindrance among dream and reality, with the goal that spectators can pause for a minute to envision what their own histories would look like outside the limits of their unpredictable personalities

Source: My Modern Met, Pat Perry, Instagram


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