Audrey Kawasaki is Back with Stunning New Art

You maybe familiar with Audrey Kawasaki, a now 34-year-old Los Angeles-based painter who achieved her huge success at a very young age. So, most likely you have seen many of her master pieces, the delicate and twisting women that infuse her oeuvre which Kawasaki mostly painted with her hand. That’s why most of her work can instantly be recognizable, for sure. But just in case, she is new to you, check out some of her mesmerizing popular pieces.

With all her brilliant and gorgeous paintings, people can soon fall for her spectacular collections which made her become a leader in the lowbrow art movement. Topping her career was that when she presented her artwork in a solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

Yet, after her solo exhibition she has disappeared from our sight that we haven’t been able to see her newer work for over two years now. There is no clear explanation why and where she has been for the couple of years of absence. Only that she mentioned that she might probably bring new technique and a little bit of change to her new piece.

She said that, “It’s been over two years since my last solo, and honestly it’s been a tough road. Have been trying to rethink my creative process, looking back at my earlier works, and challenge my technical execution by eliminating my hatching brush strokes and solid blacks which has been a part of my style for some time. Am excited to finish what I have but am still nervous and anxious. Doing the most I can though, and taking it one day at a time.”