Australian Creates Magnificent Sculptures out of Discarded Keys

Keys are really the key to success for an Australian craftsman Moerkey, also known as Michael Moerkerk. Only that he uses discarded keys to transform them into unique piece of art work like bowls, figures, decorative spheres and many more.


It all started as he was supposed to be cleaning out his shed and there he came across an old copper pipe which only then he forged it to make rings. Somehow he found a technique which guided him to make his artistic creations.


Later on Moerkerk found a way that he could also use various keys with differently-shaped heads and bodies and weld them edge to edge. He would bend and twist those keys to alter them into bottles, wine glass or any other decorations.


Since keys and copper coins are the materials for building the piece, they leave some gaps between every key and interestingly, those gaps create magnificent shadows when lit by a tea light or when put against the sun rays.


Now Moerkerk offers everything he made-to-order through his Moerkey Etsy shop.

Source: My Modern Met, Michael Moerkerkfacebook