Real Life Problems Which Are Only Funny Because They Are True

Real Life Problems Which Are Only Funny Because They Are True

Avner Geller can't keep himself from listening to others' conversation. Lucky for us, his creations tell a lot what people qualify as a problem for people.

If you're someone who isn't shy about ranting away all your trivial problems in public, you might want to change that. There's a slight possibility that some people around you are making a mental note of such ridiculous issues and uploading them online along with their comical twist. If you don't believe us, which you should, we have a talented artist, Avner Geller, who's favorite pass time is creating illustrations inspired by such trivial incidents. 

1. Don't pull me down!


She's just trying to inspire her!

2. Her idea of an emergency


She hasn't been in the real world yet.

3. Ouch!


The bar's been set too high guys!

4. And the bragging continues


Show some bro-love!

5. To google or not to google?


Things have changed quite a bit!

6. Purchasing clothes and attending weddings takes a toll on one's body!


Nothing can be more stressful than this!

7. Life-threatening problems!


Of course, it's tough!

8. Things no one needs to know


We could've just skipped this whole part.

9. He found his calling!


Treat your body well.

10. She's always right


She proves it yet again.

11. Atta boy!


He's unlocked yet another achievement in his fruitful life.

12. Such an important question!


No one cares!

13. Such observations!


Such a weird conversation to witness

14. Is it though?


Aren't they uploaded for that purpose?

15. Hate working hard?


Here are a few tips.

16. Time to make new ones


This is so exaggerated!

17. How is that bad?


She has some serious relationship issues.

18. Is it worth it?


You just need to ignore the haters.

19. That's some Black Mirror sh*t!


Scary, right?

20. Millennials rule 



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