Awesome Bookmarks that Will Glow in the Dark

For you who still enjoy reading physical books, sometimes when wanting to continue reading after having a break, but then we find it hard to find our books. It seems the book has gone in the dark. But now that Manon Richard came up with brilliant ideas as to make useful creation, there is nothing to worry about not to be able to find our books. You will easily spot your books since they are now glowing in the dark.


Manon Richard items appear to be otherworldly by including an ethereal gleam. Her choice of adornments radiates delightful turquoise light, and to them she applies this same phosphorescent material to a beguiling series of bookmarks. For those who still enjoy reading physical books.


Her designs are inspired by both mythical realm and also our remarkable Earth as well, as Richard seemed to rejoice mythical stories with her designs. Mermaids and Dragons are fashioned into metal bookmarks. Foxes, feathers, and lotus flowers are also adorned to the long, curved pieces. The glow-in-the-dark elements accentuate fine details like her other wearable creations, such as beading, wings, and scales.


To activate such features, the phosphorescent element must be charged through sunlight. Her inspiration is coming from an occasion when she had difficulties finding her books in the dark.