Awesome Glass Sculptures Inspired by Nature

It has been three generations of my family dealing in the business of crafting glass sculptures. We love innovations in our work but all our pieces never get far from the Nature.

glass symphony10

When my grandfather started this workshop of Symphony of Glass in 1989, he was still working for a glass factory. Then he handed down this workshop to his next generations, that’s my parents and my family. Now that we want the business to keep running, we have to work hard and be responsible for each of our job. So we support one another to make this Symphony of Glass workshop running.

glass symphony7

This workshop is based in Pashkivtsi, a small beautiful Ukraine type of village. Being in a beautiful surrounding, I believe it is the nature that gives us tons of inspirational ideas. And somehow those ideas seem to never run out of our minds. It must be God’s inheritance that we are always abundant with ideas as source of our creativity.

Source: Bored Panda, Symphony of Glass, Instagram

glass symphony1

glass symphony2

glass symphony3

glass symphony4

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