Awesome Glowing Ceramic Art

For a Ceramic artist like Jenifer McCurdy, a creation should stand out if it has to attract many people’s attention. Normally it should be one of a kind and have particular uniqueness in it. No wonder her recent work is so unique because she illuminates the insides of her ceramic vessels with 23 carat gold sheet. With this she can make her sculptures reflect movement as she gives illusion that they are glowing from within.

Porcelain wheel thrown; atlered carved fired to cone 10

Interestingly, all of her sculptures are created by hand. Mostly are inspired by nature. First she threw the clay on the wheel, and then she would alter, carve and when needed she would incise it until it makes a perfectly beautiful form of her desire. Finally it went to the furnace to burn up to 2350 degrees.

Gilded Coral Nest

As a sculptor, she is known for working beyond her creative limits. She has been doing this ceramic job for over thirty years, creating, swirling her sculptures. For the past few years she has been asking herself the same old questions like, ”how thin can her porcelains be to put in the fire?” or “How much can it be trimmed yet still maintain structural uprightness.

Gilded Coral Nest

As she once put it to My Modern Met,”Emotion fills me when I see perfect forms in nature, from the cracked conch shell on the beach revealing its perfect spiral, to the milkweed pod burst in the field, its brilliant airborne seeds streaming into the sunlight. The ordered symmetry and asymmetry of nature’s forms reveal the growth of life, the movement of life. Living on Martha’s Vineyard, island time, especially in the winter, seems to conform to nature’s cycles. As a potter, I strive to make my work reflect the balance of life around me. It is important that the patterns I see around me are integrated into my forms.”

Source: My Modern Met, Jenifer McCurdy, Instagram 

Porcelain wheel thrown altered carved fired to cone 10Porcelain wheel thrown altered carved fired to cone 10

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