Awesome Innovation of 3D Wood Relief Sculpture by Gabriele Schama

Gabriel Schama made artistic relief sculpture using laser cutter called “Elsie” and applying mahogany plywood to set a 3D effect on each of his sculptures.


Schama could even make faces of silhouette along with natural items such as sun rays or leaves. Yet, his latest collection comes from his work of geometric mandalas and as well as layered portraits.


Every work radiates movement in still frame giving a feel of coming into its inner part as it has stopped revolving.  Each Schama’s piece is so remarkable that most audience will be flabbergasted and maybe when observing the pieces long enough, the audience will find them come to life at the very moment.


He puts all of his work on sale. Since they always sell out fast, beginning next month, he plans on adding more stocks to his shop’s inventory to cater for those who wish to purchase his collections. So, you’d better hurry and check more often.

Source: My Modern Met, Gabriel SchamaInstagram





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