Hyperrealistic Japanese Facial Illusions

Want to look exceptionally different? Maybe Hikaru Cho can give a helping hand to create newly hyperrealistic illusions of floating dismembered heads and altered human faces. Hikaru Cho is a make-up artist from Tokyo with more captivating makeup transformation skills.


When Samsung launches their Galaxy S6 smart phones, Samsung hired Hikaru to do the art work for their new product. Therefore, her work of art was inspired by Samsung technology. Her creations are related with hi-tech aspect so she mixes parts of human body with the newest electronics traits.


For instance, her piece of the floating heads are supposed to signify the cellphone’s wireless charging ability by making the model look as if she were recharged. On another instance, to mimic the downward swiping motion usually used in modern cell phones, Hikaru painted copies of her eyes further down her cheeks.

Source: My Modern Met, Hikaru Cho, facebook