Awesome Seasonal Beauties by Alon Avissar

Alon Avissar is a Washington-based art director and also a graphic artist whose work is really awesome and mostly adored by those especially who love soft feminine features. Most of his artwork is much influenced by the changing seasons.


This can be seen in his latest piece of this grid of double-exposure portraits entitled Seasonal Beauties. Here, the pines, cones, blossoming flowers and snow-covered branches are beautifully mixed in digital creation as a base to merge with the four silhouettes.


If you want to have Alon’s new collections, or if you just want to celebrate the new season, there is no better way than to check out 10 of Alon’s creative graphic illustrations available in prints an in canvas as being promoted by My Modern Shop at My Modern Met. Happy shopping

Source: My Modern Met, Alon Avissar, Instagram




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