Awesome Surreal Paintings Between Fact and Fantasy

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Awesome Surreal Paintings Between Fact and Fantasy

Neil Simone is a London-born artist who is behind these intriguing paintings filled with layer upon layer of strange realities. Actually he paints by employing surreal approach in order to create fragmented scenes come inside of scenes to get the distinction between fact and fantasy blurred.

And in order to comprehend the elements which come together to result in the dream-like scenery, viewers will have to really explore the paintings. It’s a bit intriguing even if the compositions are visually exciting, they don’t provide logical explanations.

But there are unrealistic details like a door in the middle of a forest, distorted walls and also fragmented windows can lead to open interpretation. Simone himself said, "I paint the way that I do because I see the world as a dimension of shadows, shapes, contradictions and ever-changing fragile boundaries."

H/T My Modern Met

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