Awesome Women Surreal Portraits Inspired by Nature

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Awesome Women Surreal Portraits Inspired by Nature

Emily Flint is the creative painter behind these majestic women portraits. Since she lives near the James River and Blue Ridge Mountains, her paintings seem to be very much influenced by the natural life thriving along there. It’s obvious as you care to look at those women's skins and also the background which is depicted in the wooden pattern. So, at a glance, her paintings are like wooden sculptures.

Flint is a Lynchburg, Virginia-based artist who uses acrylic and graphite for her portrait paintings. The soft application of this media allows for the brilliant rings of the wood to shine through and create an interesting design motif in the background. Flint’s meticulous mark-making highlights her realistically-rendered subjects and their encounters with nature.

Look at here, this painting shows that insects and nests are combined, bees also line the gentle, blonde waves of a woman’s hair.

This one features her subjects with honeycombs nestling in the sculptural updo and skin as well. This surreal painting, you see two women are mirrored in a nice-contorted composition where a bee eerily rests on one’s shoulder and the other’s tongue.

Very likely that most of the viewers will find these paintings so intriguing that may create a highly symbolic image, both mysterious and attractive.

H/T My Modern Met

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