Marvelously Realistic Drawings with Ballpoint Pens

There is nothing extraordinary about ballpoint pens, but in Andrey Poletaev’s hands those pens can do a wonderful job as to create realistic drawings. Poletaev is truly a professional artist specializing in graphics and ballpoint pen art. He was always drawn to his childhood hobby of drawing with a basic ballpoint pen.


Many people think that the use of ballpoint pens in artwork creation will not last very long because it is believed that the typical ballpoint ink is not durable. In fact, that kind of notion is somehow alienated and tends to be wrong. The proof is that until now very old manuscripts drawn with ballpoint pens can survive today and remain intact.


As the movement of impressionism, ballpoint pen art obtains more popularity and it is even gaining the momentum now, because with just a basic ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper, you can create a masterpiece.

Source: Bored Panda, Andrey Poletaev, Instagram





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