Basic Raw Technique in Profesional Artist’s Fingers

In olden days, the art of finger painting was popular in China, Europe and America. It was rediscovered in the recent past and became one of the popular techniques of painting. Today, this art form is practiced by amateur as well as professional artists the world over.

Till few years back finger painting techniques were used mostly used for teaching school kids. Thus, it is noteworthy that even professional artists are taking interest this form of painting. This kind of painting offers great variety, flexibility and creativity in the way you apply paint to the paper/canvas; you may use thumbprint, finger impressions, palm impressions and even paint different shapes (waves, arcs, etc.) with fingers. Therefore, the art of finger painting is not just limited to kindergartens or classrooms. There is much more to this form of painting and artists are trying to explore it.
The colors used for finger painting can be prepared from different kinds of materials. Liquid starch, shaving cream and flour-water mixture are some of the commonly used materials for making finger paints. Finger painting colors sold in the market generally come in pots; children find it easy to use colors from pot-shaped containers for painting with fingers.(arthearty)

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